About Us

Malu Healthcare, a prominent medical device manufacturer, is based in India and boasts a global reputation. Renowned as one of the leading medical device distributors, we proudly serve both public and private sector hospitals. We specialize in offering high-quality Electrosurgical Accessories, Hospital Equipment, and surgical lights. Every product we offer embodies innovation, durability, and a patient-centric design—all at an affordable price point. A unique aspect of Malu Healthcare is our steadfast commitment to top-tier after-sales support, underscoring our dedication to unparalleled customer satisfaction. Although our foundation is in India, our vision and influence stretch globally. As an integral member of the healthcare manufacturing realm, our mission revolves around contributing to the evolution of healthcare technology and elevating patient care worldwide.

Malu Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. was founded with the vision of producing top-tier yet affordable medical equipment. Our factory holds the prestigious certifications of ISO-13485 and ISO-9001, enabling us to serve both the Domestic and International Markets.

The Managing Director, Mr. Suresh Malunjkar, possesses over 24 years of experience in the realm of business establishment, from pinpointing manufacturing land to constructing facilities in line with the Government of India and global medical device standards. His acumen in framing business strategies for both local and global ventures is unparalleled. Further, Mr. Malunjkar offers comprehensive solutions for Operation Rooms/Theatres, specifically tailored for cleanroom environments. His global footprint, spanning over 74 countries, is a testament to his ability in forging successful business relationships. He excels in identifying local partners, forming robust distributor networks, and providing OEM solutions to companies across North America, Europe, and Asia. His expertise also extends to aiding companies in launching their businesses both in India and globally.

Director's Message

"At Malu Healthcare, we're dedicated to providing high-quality medical equipment at affordable prices. Our patient-centric approach and commitment to after-sales support set us apart. With a global presence, we're focused on advancing healthcare technology and elevating patient care worldwide." - Mr. Suresh Malunjkar, Managing Director, Malu Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

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  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to Aspire to global leadership in providing premium healthcare equipment and infrastructure, with a goal to uplift healthcare standards around the world.

  • Our Mission

    We’re dedicated to delivering excellence in every endeavor. Driven by innovation, our mission is to craft unparalleled healthcare solutions, forge unique customer experiences, and champion life and well-being through enduring partnerships.

  • Our Quality

    Our promise is simple but profound – to surpass customer expectations in all our products and services.